Our NAP600MM Sandal

Color: Sand

EUR 69.95

Our journey to fully sustainable circularity starts here.

Introducing the SYOU NAP600MM sandal - a circular sandal is made on-demand right here in Amsterdam, just for you.

Now available for pre-order in four colorways:

Pre-order closed. Join waiting list for the next production run.

We are constantly refining our designs and efficiency, therefore the final product may feature minor adjustments to the prototype pictured here.

To avoid unnecessary waste and energy use, each SYOU colorway requires a minimum of 5 pre-orders per size before production can begin. This is because our production technology requires 5 cleanup cycles per color change.

SYOU NAP600MM Sandals are made with natural rubber. While we take steps to minimize potential allergens through a special cleansing process, a very small percentage of individuals have latex allergies. If you have a known latex allergy, please avoid wearing SYOU NAP600MM Sandals.

Why Pre-Order?

We are gearing up for production of our first run of NAP600MM sandals in April ‘24. But we need your pre-orders to know exactly what to make! Remember, SYOUs are made on-demand, so every pre-order will be made just for the new owner.

Every customer who pre-orders will also be making our vision for circular sustainable footwear real. Pre-order now to join the journey with us!

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SYOU soles
SYOU soles
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An all-around smarter way to maximize sustainability and minimize waste.

Made here, worn here, available to pre-order now.

How your SYOU is made

We want you to feel good every time you slide into your SYOUs. Here's the story of how we make them, which we think will add to that feeling.

What SYOUs are made of
Our first batch of SYOUs will be made with natural latex. It’s important to tell you that, today, this type of natural rubber is not grown in the Netherlands so we have to import the material from Malaysia. We chose this imported material for our first batch of SYOUs for four important reasons:

  • It works really well with 3DTI Technology, allowing us to produce SYOUs on demands and minimize waste.
  • It’s a natural product from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. So your SYOUs are technically plant-based.
  • Natural Latex production emits a lot less carbon impact than the synthetics used in most sneakers.
  • It is fully recyclable and a key part of the circular loop we are striving for.

As you know, shipping is not part of our long-term local model, so we are already working with local waste stream experts to develop a local sustainable material to get closer to our 100% local goal. Please reach out to us if you have other local materials we can work with!
How we make each pair of SYOUs

Making anything well starts with good design. Our design brief is a little unusual. We design our products not just for the life you will have in them, but for the end of their life too. From the chemical choices we make to the production methods we adopt, everything has an eye on full renewability.

Our production approach is also different from most other shoe manufacturers. Waste is a nasty by-product of high-volume production. We don't want to adopt the same bad habit, so we use innovative 3DTI technology and create each SYOU on-demand. Pre-order a pair of SYOUs now and we will make them for you in Amsterdam.

3DTI is powered by FDM 3D printed molds which have a much lower emissions footprint than the metal molds that are used as standard in the footwear industry. FDM 3D printed molds can be recycled and turned into new molds, to keep us both sustainable and efficient.

How your SYOUs are recycled

Our goal is to have the capability to take back every pair of SYOUs when they are no longer needed. We call this the Take Back program. In the near future, every sandal we take back will be analyzed for quality, then recycled into granulate to be remade into latex to create a fresh pair of SYOUs using the same production methods you just read about. How can you help make this important goal real? Every pre-order customer will be part of our first Take Back pilot.

Why being local matters

Localism is a core principle for us at SYOU because we believe a sustainable future must also be inclusive. We know that making and selling products locally not just reduces unnecessary impacts of global distribution, it also benefits the local community. Put simply, buying and wearing shoes made near you helps your neighbors.

Our experience in Colombia and Burkina Faso showed us that community benefit stretches from boosting the local economy to production job creation to new opportunities for local creative talent. So, when you walk in your SYOUs, you are walking with the local community too.

Pre-Order event. Pick up your SYOUs in person

Every pre-order will come with an invitation to a very special event. A Pick-Up Event at our unique space in Van Gendt Hallen, right in the heart of Amsterdam. You can join us at our What The Future Footwear Laboratory, talk to the team building the SYOU brand, and see SYOUs getting made live.

What's next?

SYOU is just beginning.
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