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Oct 09, 2015

SYOU& Música

TOP 3 Songs for October

Bambarabanda, Salt Cathedral and Esteman!

It's about that time again to share three awesome national bands doing awesome international things! This month we have a very special band amongst our Top 3; Bambarabanda from San Juan de Pasto. Not only is their music and concept extremely unique, but we have one of our very own involved... Our creative talent Jóse Argotty is the manager of this lovely band from the beautiful city of Pasto!

1. Bambarabanda - Sur

The most striking thing about Bambarabanda is their authenticity. They come from the city of Pasto, Southern Colombia, and that's exactly what they represent in their music. Folkloric sounds, Colombian guitar, an accordion and the landscapes of their place of birth, Pasto.

The band of eight was born in a little bar called "Ética" in San Juan de Pasto back in in 1999. It was there that a group of young people would get together to play drums and percussion without having any academic musical knowledge, but a whole lot of energy. "Ética" was a very popular bar, yet it was stigmatized by an extremely conservative society. This group of kids emitted yells, rhymes, noise, protest, complaints and tradition. The result? A very "Pasto-like" hip-hop sound that gave birth to Bambarabanda. This band emerged from the mixture of partying and the urge to answer with irreverent words to the boredom they felt at that time and the urge of rebelling against a conservative society. The band has evolved a lot since then and has a very clear concept: show the world what Colombia, and especially Pasto has to offer. Bambarabanda has become one of the most influential bands of their region and the only one with major international potential! We recently started a collaboration with them them and soon our SYOU CO.7 (designed by Jóse Argotty) will appear in one of their videos! We're all veeery excited to see the results! Check out their video 'Sur' (South).


Este pueblo nació con la lluvia
cuando el tiempo era un guambrito inexperto
la montaña parió flores verdes
sembrando el color de los paisajes buenos
mil guitarras labraron los surcos
que llevan el alma de nuestros recuerdos
y las manos de los campesinos
se fueron armando de cantos eternos

This town was born with the rain
when time was an inexperienced child
the mountain gave north to green flowers
sowing the color of the good views
a thousand guitars wrought the groove
that have the soul of our memories
and the hands of the farmers
got armed by eternal chants

2. Salt Cathedral - Holy Soul

Salt Cathedral's original name was "Il Abanico" but they quickly realised that no-one was pronouncing their name correctly and it just wasn't going to work out. They changed their name to Salt Cathedral. Both bandleaders, Juliana Ronderos and Nicolás Losada are from Zipaquirá and that Colombian city happens to be known for its impressive underground cathedral built in a salt mine, hence 'Salta Cathedral'. The duo met in Boston, which is very ironic since they were practically neighbours when they lived in Bogotá and probably crossed paths several times without even noticing each other. They're currently based in New York and perform everywhere, including their homeland Colombia. Last March they played at one of the most important music festivals in Colombia, Festival Estéreo Picnic. Their music is a fusion between experimental rock, folk and alternative pop. 'Holy Soul' is a song from their latest EP 'Oom Velt'. Make sure you watch the video, the combination between the beautiful melodies, lyrics and images will leave you speechless.

Holy Soul

I am a holy soul in a foreign land
my brothers and sisters
please hear my sighs
don't the let silence
travel through your ears

And we won't let it fade away this time
and we won't let it, and we won't let it fade away
And we won't let it fade away this time
and we won't let it, and we won't let it fade away

Lying under the water
Collecting shells
Forgotten by all of mankind
Their stories pierce through their inside

3. Esteman - Altamar

Esteman is another Colombian artist making his way into the international scene. The real name of the composer/singer Esteman (This Guy) is Esteban Mateus Williamson and he originally started out with musical theatre. You can definitely find these influences in some of his older videos, such as 'El Distractor' and 'Pobre Corazón'. Esteman is part of the indie-band wave that hit Colombia a few years ago, and wants to break old stereotypes in Colombia. His music and ideas are part of a statement that he wants to make; he wants more tolerance in Colombia. One of the things he feels most strongly about is the gender roles in Colombia and how women are perceived. This young man is a promising composer and vocalist with great international potential and a clear vision. 'Altamar' is one of the songs of his latest album Caótica Belleza, released by EMI Music Mexico one week ago! Check the audio by clicking on the link!


Hay tanto que me duele si no estas aquí
hay mucho que daría por mirarte reír
las noches ya no duermen cuando en mi mente estas
los días se detienen al verte pasar,
son tus pasos, son tus besos,
es lo mucho que te siento

So much of me hurts when you're not here
So much I would give to see you laugh
The night no longer sleep when you're on my mind
The days stop when they see you pass by
Your steps, your kisses
That's how much I feel you


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