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Jul 03, 2015

SYOU & Tropical Fruits

Santiago Oliveros designed our CO.8 'Tropical Fruits'. In this colourful print, you can find eight of Colombia's most alluring fruits!

Colombia enjoys an extremely fertile ground and as a consequence it hosts many of the world's most exotic fruits. Its tropical climate is responsible for the variety of fruits that Colombia has to offer. Some fruits may seem familiar, but some of them can absolutely blow your mind...

These tropical fruits have a wide range of colors, tastes and exteriors that probably look like nothing you've ever seen before. All these fruits are sold as street food and are very popular among Colombians.

Below you can see the original sketch of Santiago and how the CO.8 came about.

Co 8 tropical fruits sketch Co 8 tropical fruits

In the image below, you can see the print of our CO.8, only our creative talent Santiago added the names of the fruits next to them.

Tropical fruits

From left to right, starting at the left corner, we have the Granadilla. A delicious and surprising fruit. Its exterior is similar to the tangerine but the interior is completely different. Inside it's filled with little seeds that taste unexpectedly fresh.

Next we have the Chontaduro, or Peach Palm fruit. This fruit is especially popular in the streets of Cali. The taste and texture of the Chontaduro is similar to the sweet potato. A surprising fact about the Chontaduro: it contains the same amount of protein as an egg!

Next to it is the Carambolo, in English, starfruit. The taste is similar to the fresh taste of the apple, but has a different texture. This enticing fruit is citric and cooling.

The Patilla, or watermelon, is a very well-known fruit worldwide and is oh!, so refreshing on a warm, sunny day! Up next we have the Gulupa, a member of the passion fruit family. The Gulupa is especially used in juices and shakes and blends perfectly with milk and other dairy products. This fruit is also used as a natural sedative and word around town is that it even helps regulate dreams! The world first got to know this mysterious fruit in 2007 and export quantities have multiplied by five in the last six years!

The Curuba Sabanera Blanca is the complete name of the next exotic fruit. In English, the Curuba is called Banana Passion fruit. This fruit grows in places that have lower temperatures, like the Savanna in Bogotá. The Curuba has a sweet flavour and has many health benefits; it's a great source of fibre and powerful antioxidants. It's also extremely rich in minerals.

The Pitahaya, or dragon fruit, has a striking exterior and a sweet taste comparable to kiwi and melon.

Last we have the Mangostino, Mangosteen in English. A curious fruit that is very difficult to find!

The last four fruits of this list are considered 'super foods' and haven't been on the (international) market for that long. Recent studies on the health benefits of fruits have increased their popularity in the past decade.

In sum, all fruits Santiago picked are not only exotic and captivating, they're also great for your health. All the more reason to try them!

Santiago is so inspired by the variety of Colombia´s fruits, that in addition to the CO8. Tropical Fruits, he came up with a brand new print to add to our fruit collection. This time he picked bananas. Bellow you can see the original sketch for this Banana design. It will be part of our fresh Spring/Summer 2016 collection!



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