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Jun 17, 2015

SYOU & Coffee: A Love Affair

At SYOU we have a close relationship with coffee, one of Colombia’s most exported products and deeply rooted in the culture and everyday life. To have a morning or afternoon cup of ‘tinto’ (weak version of an expresso) is an essential part of the day.

Pergamino coffee red cup Santa barbara finca colombia Santa barbara finca colombia 2 Santa barbara finca colombia coffee bag

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been collaborating with Pergamino Café, founded by the Echavarría family over 35 years ago. One of the many things that make this place so special is that all its coffee comes from their beautiful Hacienda Santa Barbara. In addition, their baristas always tell you the story of the coffee you’re drinking; the different types of beans they have, the difference between them and where they come from. They want you to know exactly what you’re drinking and how it got there. Each type of bean has its own character, fragrance and taste, and more importantly: it has its own story to tell!

Santa barbara finca colombia 3

You wouldn't believe the great adventure the little coffee beans go through to transform into the delicious cup of coffee that we get to drink. For just one cup of coffee you need to carefully select and handpick 100 cherries, one by one.

This is the first step of the elaborate process in order to make each cup of coffee extraordinary. It is an extensive process, that takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Colombia handpicked coffee cherry beans Colombian coffee harvester Colombia coffee harvesting

Once the beans have been picked and selected based on their quality, the Pergamino Café team roasts them, releasing exquisite coffee fragrances...

Handpicked and selected coffee beans Handpicked and selected coffee beans drying

At this point, the coffee beans start looking like those most us are familiar with: black and of course, yummy smelling. After the beans have been roasted the coffee farmers prepare the beans to travel all the way to Vía Primavera, in Medellín to arrive to Pergamino Café. Our SYOU office is very close to the Pergamino store, so you can imagine where we spend most of our time...

Colombian pergamino coffee roasted Colombian pergamino coffee final bag

Like Pergamino Café, the artisanal story behind every pair of SYOUs is what makes us both unique. The faces, the 100+ hands and devotion behind every pair of sneakers are all important. Every person involved in each of these processes is what make these two products outstanding and of the highest quality.

Colombian pergamino coffee bags Colombian pergamino coffee bags 2

Inspired by the SYOU& Pergamino collaboration, Santiago Oliveros - one of our creative talents - designed our CO9.Black Coffee and CO10 Cream Coffee SYOUs.

Check out one of the initial sketches of these SYOUs:

Syou co 10 sketch santiago oliveros pergamino edition

To see the final results, check out here.

To get a taste of this journey, Pergamino Café created a video with breathtaking landscapes of the coffee fields and beautiful images from the very birth of the bean until the end result. You can watch the video below.

Beware: after watching this video I guarantee you will be craving a cup of coffee, so be sure to have one in hand!

Colombia pergamino love coffee Colombian coffee place


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