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Dec 21, 2015

SYOU& Música

TOP 3 Songs for November + December

and a christmas special...

So, damas y caballeros, sadly 2015 is coming to an end... November and December have flown by so fast, we haven't even had a chance to reflect on this fabulous SYOU year. SYOU looks back at a beautiful and exciting year, filled with memorable moments! A few highlights; our launch in Amsterdam (and Europe), a great article in Vogue Mexico, another great article in the Dutch newspaper NRC, many many cool and inspiring people that started walking with us, AND a beautiful new collection. We're very happy and thankful and we have lots and loots of inspiration and new perspectives for 2016. We can't wait to show you!

3. Manuel Medrano - Fuera del planeta

Let's start out nice and mellow to ease our way in to the colder and shorter winter days. The singer-singer writer Manuel Medrano, born and raised in Cartagena, has a very special quality to his voice. The warm and rusty voice is very soothing, and the words he sings taste just like honey. Manuel Medrano is quickly making his way into the Latin American music scene, we'll definitely keep an eye on this one! Take it all in.

Fuera del planeta
Hoy me siento fuera del planeta
Y no puedo respirar muy bien
No están tus labios donde los dejé
No fue la vida como la soñamos

Out of this planet
Today I feel out of this planet
And I can't breathe properly
Your lips aren't where I left them
Life didn't turn out as we dreamed it

2. Aterciopelados & Makako - Luz Azul

Aterciopelados (the Velvetty Ones) is Colombia's realest and dearest rock band. Led by the versatile and powerful Andrea Echeverri and rebel Héctor Buitrago, Anterciopelados has been around for a while. They're undoubtedly Colombia's most famous rock band across the continent and they've won many awards and prizes, including a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Album (2007). Their songs often contain a social and positive message. Aterciopelado contains all the classic elements of a rock band; rebellious, challenging, alternative and with a hell of an attitude. Like I mentioned before, at SYOU we're all about cool collaborations, and "Luz Azul" (Blue light) is another great example. Aterciopelados collaborated with the Spanish singer Makako to make this little gem! Check it out.

Luz Azul
Si se le cae la roya
si lo deja la novia
si se lo traga, si se lo traga la tierra.

Si se quedó sin gasolina,
si lo atracaron en la esquina,
se le clavaron hondo en el alma una espina.

Ay, si se pone peluda la cosa, recuerde, la vida es color de rosa.
El cielo es azul,
el espacio está lleno de luz.

Blue Light
If the chips are down,
if your girlfriend leaves you,
if you're embarrassed

If you run out of gas,
If you get robbed on the corner,
If they stab you in the soul with a thorn

If things get really tough remember, life is made of the color pink
The sky is blue,
space is filled with light

1. Bomba Estéreo & Will Smith - Fiesta

New years in Colombia is one HUGE party, typically referred to as "el treinta y uno" (the 31st). As many countries do, families and friends get together and celebrate, eat, drink.. However, Colombians have a special traditions. To say goodbye to the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year they burn "el año viejo" (the old year), a doll stuffed with hay that represent all the bad vibes of the previous year. Once it's burned it's time for the new year to commence. This song embodies that sentiment flawlessly. Since SYOU is all about collaboration, so is our music selection. The Colombian band Bomba Estéreo is an explosion of energy and rhythm, and they've been on a roll with their new album, "Amanecer" (2015). "Somos Dos" was the first single from the album, that became a huge hit all over the world. For this version, they teamed up with renowned actor and "Welcome to Miami" king Will Smith. It's fair to say it's not an obvious collaboration, so naturally I was intrigued to find out how this came to be. It turns out Will Smith was visiting Colombia with his buddy Marc Anthony when he heard their first single and worldwide hit "Fuego". He was infatuated by Colombia and Bomba Estéreo, but it wasn't until a while after that he saw an opportunity to join forces. On his next trip to Colombia he heard "Fiesta" and just HAD to be on the track. His people contacted their people and the collab was a fact! The energy of "Fiesta" is absolutely infectious. I dare you to sit still while you listen to it... It's been over a decade that Will Smith has recorded anything, so this is a very special collaboration!

Me gusta todo ese sabor
La alegría de mi tierra
El desorden y alboroto
Que se forma en plena fiesta

I love all that flavour
The joy of my people
The mess and commotion
That builds up mid party

"El popurrí navideño" by Pedrina y Rio

But what would a SYOU top 3 for december be without some Colombian Christmas carols? Nothing! This potpourri, or "popurrí", of christmas carols (referred to as villancicos) is what christmas in Colombia looks, feels and sounds like! Lots of colors, lights and music! Enjoy and indulge in the holiday spirit.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to the whole wide world from all of us at SYOU!


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