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Nov 24, 2015

"We feel like the godfather of a world-class winning product"

Pilatos is a Colombian megastore founded in 1984 that offers a wide variety of innovative and outstanding brands. Pilatos also revolutionized the jeans-wear market in Colombia, making them not only an extraordinary store but also a pioneer in their field. At SYOU we are very proud to collaborate with Pilatos and to call them one of our most important partners. We have been working with them since early on and it's about time we share our story with Pilatos!

A very important aspect of the successful collaboration between SYOU and Pilatos is the fact that they share very similar values. Like SYOU, Pilatos is unique, exclusive and imposes tendencies. Like SYOU, they are not just a brand but a way of life.

I spoke to one of the staff members of Pilatos to in her own way share what SYOU represents to her. One of the things that she likes most about us is that SYOU inspires her and challenges, or better yet, erases the paradigm that foreign products are better than local ones. Pilatos proudly collaborates with SYOU because they want to bring everyone in Colombia the experience of 'Made in Colombia'. "We believe in 'Made in Colombia' because we know that there is a lot of talent here, and that the quality is excellent", she said. And why does Pilatos believe in SYOU? "Because SYOU believes in local talent, because SYOU inspires us and because we love the storytelling aspect of the brand."

Syou and pilatos Co 6 pajaros

Left picture: Check out four of our SYOUs on the lower right corner!

Right picture: One of the cool pictures Pilatos has shared about us on their social media!

When I asked what being part of SYOU& Colombia has meant for Pilatos they answered; "We feel like the godfather of a world-class winning product". Awesome words, gracias Pilatos! In addition to that, Pilatos believes that SYOU does positive country branding of Colombia by delivering 360 degrees of quality, innovation, fast response, image and experience. SYOU values the collaboration with Pilatos very much, and we have our exclusive editions to show for it!

Co 11 pacifico Co 12 heritage

On the left: Our Pilatos exclusive CO.11 Pacífico, inspired by Colombia's seas and fish in the Pacific area, illustrated by Jóse Argotty.

On the right: Our Pilatos exclusive CO.12 Heritage, a reference inspired by the richness of Colombia illustrated by our creative talent Santiago Oliveros.

Pilatos has stores in cities all over the country, such as Bogotá, Medellín, Pereira, Barranquilla, Popayán, Cartagena, Cali, Ibagué, Armenia, Yopal and Villavicencio.

Pilatos: "We believe in SYOU's design and in 'Made in colombia'!"


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