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Apr 21, 2016

One of SYOU's core values is to never cease to search for new opportunities and embark on new adventures. What this actually means for our team is that we're constantly finding, creating and redefining new concepts that emerge from our main inspiration, Colombia. Our latest styles are a tribute to the Colombian culture; 'Colombian flag' and 'Uraba'.

Colombian flag

At SYOU we like to keep things personal, which is exactly why we want you to know the people behind each pair of SYOU's. One of those people is Patricia Restrepo, in charge of production and the heart and soul of SYOU MedellĂ­n. She played a key role in the development of these beauties, available in yellow, blue and red.

The idea behind the design of 'Colombian flag' was to pay a tribute to the traditional culture of Colombia and to be proud to wear these colors. It is one of the most traditional flags in the world, with its colors representing the battle of the liberators to gain independence from Spain.

Each color symbolizes something different. First off is the color yellow which represents the sun and the richness of the Colombian soil. It also represents the gold that used to be so abundant in Colombia and was a fundamental part of the everyday life of the indigenous cultures that lived in the region. The color blue represents the sky that covers the country, the numerous rivers and the two oceans that Colombia enjoys; the Pacific and the Atlantic. Lastly the color red. Red represents the blood that was shed in the battle fields to obtain freedom, which means love, power, strength and progress. All in all, these shoes send a powerful message of freedom, unity and strength. And as if that wasn't enough, they're incredibly cool!

If you hadn't yet, check them out!

Co 16 colombian flag yellow Co 18 colombian flag blue Co 17 colombian flag red


These brand new little gems were designed by one of our talents, Santiago Oliveros. Santiago also designed one of our beautiful prints, the CO.8 Tropical Fruits. You can read all about his inspiration and these fruits on one of our previous blog posts. His style is characterized by his playful designs that come to life on the canvas of the SYOU's. These colorful sneakers are the perfect addition to get ready for the summer!

Co 14 uraba sneakers syou overview Co 14 uraba sneakers syou top

Learn more about Santiago here.

Co 14 uraba bananas sketch


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