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Jun 24, 2015

SYOU & New York City Streets

In May of this year we created a photo-shoot campaign in New York City in collaboration with NATAS PICTURES, a multimedia production company and creative agency. The whole campaign was recorded and made into an inspiring clip.

The intention was to visually capture the surroundings and lifestyle of these New York City kids today. You can also take a look behind the scenes of the video.

The campaign video tells the story of the ongoing love affair between the New York City Streets and the sneakers that walk on them; The plot is all about how these two are inseparably intertwined.

1 syou new york city photo shoot 2 syou new york city photo shoot

NYC’s strong identity and magnetism ignites its locals to express themselves explicitly and sneakers have always been a powerful tool to set yourself apart and highlight your personal style and character.

NATAS succeeded in emphasizing the individuality of the eclectic characters that are featured in the video, each of them with the sneaker that suits their personality best. NATAS very deliberately chose to work with living, breathing New Yorkers instead of models.

3 syou new york city photo shoot 4 syou new york city photo shoot 6 syou new york city photo shoot

The group was styled by Maria Cecilia Campos.

New York City’s cultured, stimulating and outspoken character of today is heavily influenced by the eighties. During this period New York City was the go-to place for eccentric artists, misfits and creative entrepreneurs who dreamed it and made it. In the video many references are made to the uninhibited, spurred and artistic atmosphere of this era.

The creators of this clip were inspired by Basquiat among other icons of the eighties.

The contemporary New Yorkers of the video show us what it means to be downtown cool today, while still getting inspired by the icons that painted their city’s canvas.

In their natural habitat, these young fresh entrepreneurs and creators portray how SYOU complements their own melting pot of styles, in all shapes, colors and sizes.

5 syou new york city photo shoot 7 syou new york city photo shoot


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