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Apr 14, 2016

SYOU& Música

Our Top 4 Songs for March and April

The first signs of summer are FINALLY here so it's time to crank up your speakers, open up an ice cold beer and kick back to the rich sounds of these bands, carefully selected for your enjoyyment! We highly recommend you watch the videos of Felicidad (by Profetas) and Yo voy ganao (by Systema Solar) because they show some of the most amazing landscapes of Colombia, shot in Teganga and Cartagena. These landscapes are a driving force for SYOU, inspiring all of our styles and illustration, so we definitely can't live without them!

Warning: This may or may not cause you to instantly want to book a one-way ticket to Colombia, stay there forever and never look back.

1. Cultura Profetica (PR) - Le da Igual

Cultura Profetica is an awesome formation, founded in 1996 in Puerto Rico. They've always experimented with different sounds and styles, but have always managed to stay close to their reggae roots. While they're heavily influenced by reggae (which we love), they have a lot of smooth, jazzy elements with strong melodies and intelligent lyrics.

While Latin America is full of life, beauty, passion and (seriously) AMAZING food, there is also a harsher reality that negatively affects the everyday life of millions of people in the continent. 'Le da Igual' is dedicated to this reality, marked by a huge division between the rich and the poor. This song is not only great, it makes you think too.


Otro día de sangre en el periódico,
otra historia que me pone melancólico,
hay presión para colmar el barómetro
esta atmósfera tan densa no se aguanta no.

La realidad del caso es que no hay salida
de este laberinto de la economia a menos
que allá arriba alguien tome iniciativa pero
no se quiere doblar, no se inclina porque...

Le da igual,
desde su oficina,
le da igual,
tu calidad de vida,
le da igual,
desde lo alto todo,
le da igual, la verdad.

Another day of blood in the newspapers,
yet another story that makes me melancholic,
so much pressure to fill up the barometer,
this heavy atmosphere is hard to take

The truth of the matter is, there is no way out
of this labyrinth that is the economy unless
someone up there shows some initiative but
he doesn't want to move, he doesn't want to move because

he doesn't care,
from the comfort of his office,
he doesn't care,
about your quality of life,
he doesn't care,
from where he's standing,
he doesn't care about the truth

2. LosPetitFellas (COL) - Antes de Morir

This band, this band... They're incredibly cool and it seems like the mainstream music industry is starting to take notice. They'll be playing in a lot of cool festivals this year (Festival Estereo Picnic) and are on their way to take off! LosPetitFellas describe their sound as Alternative / Jazz / Hip Hop / Rock n' Roll / Soul, and who are we to disagree!


Antes de morir necesito una fiesta
Un beso, una siesta, una noche como esta
Antes de morir necesito una respuesta
Una canción honesta, un romance a la nuestra


Before I die I need a party
A kiss, a nap, a night like this
Before I die I need an answer,
An honest song, a romance like ours

3. Profetas (COL) - Felicidad

Profetas, and especially Felicidad (happiness), is an explosion of rhythm, energy and positivity. The gorgeous video was Shot in Cartagena, in collaboration with the Institution of Tourism of Cartagena. It is highly unlikely that anyone who listens to this song will not immediately burst into dance, and long for a hot summer holiday with a lot of sun and a lot beautiful beaches. Good vibes, great music and an awesome video. This song makes us happy!


la felicidad, lleva mi vida
la felicidad, todos los días
la felicidad, lleva mi vida
la felicidad, todos los días

alegría, todos los días
meditación y acción positiva
la felicidad es un estado de la mente
una actitud, fluir con el ambiente
y aunque la situa a veces se pone dura,
esta dentro de ti la cura contra la amargura


happiness, leads my life
happiness, everyday
Happiness, leads my life
happiness, everyday

happiness, everyday
meditation and positive action
happiness is a state of mind
an attitude, to flow with the atmosphere
and even in a tough situation,
the cure against bitterness is inside yourself

4. Systema Solar (COL) - Yo voy Ganao

While we usually provide an English translation to the often crazy lyrics, this simply does not translate. The video was shot in Teganga, a fishing village ten minutes for Santa Marta, in the Colombian Caribbean. This Caribbean village has always lived according to the rhythm of the fishing lifestyle. This has changed with the years as a result of the increasing success of tourism in Taganga. Naturally, this has brought many advantages but, unfortunately, has also forced the people of the village to abruptly change their lifestyle. This video is a tribute to the fishing culture, and they sing about all the delicious meals this fishing culture has to offer, hence the difficulty to translate these names!


Yo salgo es a buscá
Mi Mojarra frita Camarón
Chipi chipi y mi caldero de arroz
Yo voy ganao
Mi Mojarra frita Camarón
Chipi chipi y mi caldero de arroz
Yo voy ganao


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