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Sep 24, 2015

A day in Amsterdam with Monsieur Periné.

In early August we had a very fun and adventurous encounter with five members of Monsieur Periné! Lead singer Catalina García, bass player Adinda Meertins, percussionist Miguel Guerra, saxophone player Jairo Alfonso and trombone player Abstin Caviedes. Monsieur Periné is a Colombian band that goes hand in hand with SYOU's philosophy of creating something with care, a lot of love and of high quality. That's why were thrilled to have Monsieur Periné join our journey and walk with us. I went to see them play on the very last concert of their European tour and I was very impressed by their energy and stage presence. Monsieur Periné was in Europe presenting their new album 'Caja de Música' (Music Box), with songs such as "Tú m'as promis", "Nuestra Canción" and "Mi Libertad". The album is a beauty, both inside and out and Catalina brought a copy to our Amsterdam office as a gift to us.

We invited them on a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam with the prospect of music, beers and good vibes! Adinda Meertins, the beautiful and talented bass player of the band, was of huge help to make the whole day happen. We had a lot of challenges throughout the day, which made it exciting and absolutely memorable. We had no idea what the tumultuous and unpredictable weather of the Netherlands had in store for us! First we had the odyssey of finding a double bass somewhere in Amsterdam! Adinda miraculously managed to find one which later allowed the band to play us a few songs of their new album whilst enjoying the impressive scenery of the beautiful Dutch capital. As we were making our way through the painteresque canals Catalina told me about her love story with water. 'We did something similar in Berlin. Canals and live music', she told me. During our trip she started telling me how she has always been fascinated by water, and would love to live in it. The sea doesn't have boundaries and represents ultimate freedom and beauty. The charming singer-songwriter explained that that's how 'Marinero Wawaní', one the songs of the new album, was born. The song is about a man that is born by the sea. His father was a sailor and took him sailing on his boat early on. He's so fascinated by it all that he decides to live his life in the sea and never ever return to dry land. The character of the song dislikes the idea of how the world, and therefor the heart, is held back by boundaries and rules. He much rather live, grow old and eventually pass away at the sea experiencing total freedom throughout his whole life.

Marinero Wawaní

"Y asi fui comprendiendo con el tiempo lo que soy y lo que fui
Porque en el mar quiero pasar la vida entera, sin recordar
que existe un mundo rodeado de fronteras que gobiernan el corazón
porque en el mar quiero vivir, envejecerme perderme y morir
ser un recuerdo que se aleja, como el eco de mi voz"

"And that's how I understood, with time, what I am and what I was,
Because in the sea I want to spend my whole life, forgetting
that there's a world full of boundaries that govern your heart
Because in the sea I want to live, grow old, get lost and die
become a memory that fades away, like the echo of my voice'

After a short while on the boat and some great conversation, our trip was abruptly interrupted by a mysterious force of the universe. The boat decided to call it quits and refused to wake up for the rest of the day. After having exhausted all our plausible solutions to continue our journey we had to improvise on the spot. What do you do when you're stranded on a boat with 5 musicians? You make music. And that's exactly what we did. We were finally warming up to the situation and getting really comfy as Monsieur Periné was happily singing "Tú m'as promis". It was right about that time that the rain decided to come down pouring. We immediately had to evacuate the boat to protect the instruments resulting into an incredibly comical situation of so many things going wrong. As we waited for the rain to calm down we went to have a coffee at a charming Amsterdam café near the Heineken brewery. It was then that Catalina told me a bit more about the story behind their new album. She has always been fascinated by illustration, something that becomes evident after skimming through the album pages filled with beautiful drawings of music boxes and other magical things. The illustrations on the album are a series of images collected during years. What Catalina likes most about the world of illustration is that, like in the world of Marinero Wawaní, there are no boundaries, restrictions or rules. Magic is real and anything is possible in this world of ideas and graphics. This is one of the things that the vocalist likes most about SYOU, the illustrations on them. Her favourite one was the CO.9 Black Coffee. She posted an awesome picture on her Instagram account wearing them. Check it out!

Madame perine waliking with syou co 9 black coffee Madame perine waliking with syou co 9 black coffee 2

Catalina is also drawn by SYOUs philosophy of sustainability, local economies and a product that is fair and of good quality. She's very much involved in social causes and believes it's important to advocate for a better world through your craft. We are very proud to believe in the same cause and have our eyes on the same road. One that believes in co-creation, co-design and the blending of different competencies such as illustrations, fashion and music. Thank you Monsieur Periné for the unforgettable experience!


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