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Sep 16, 2015

When it comes to (re)designing a corporate image and identity many, many, many things need to be taken into account. It's extremely important to work with a designer that's exactly the right fit and instantly gets the message you're trying to get across. Someone who understands your philosophy, your aesthetics and your aims. It's not easy to find the perfect match and SYOU was very selective when it came to choosing what designer to work with. SYOU found the perfect match with designer Juan Diez, from ‘Taller Estandar' in Medellín.

Juan syou logo sketch 2

Diéz gave us a view insights on his experience with SYOU and his creative process. His description of SYOU is that it's a brand with a contemporary view and a contemporary discourse. Juan wanted to design a corporate image that would be interactive, fresh yet familiar. Thanks to new media it is much easier to work from a distance, something that is often the case since we are based in both Amsterdam and Medellín, but Diéz still believes that seeing each other face to face in the same space allows other very valuable and productive processes to happen. This was an important part of the fruitful journey!

In our video Diéz, talks about how he came up with SYOU's corporate identity, from its logo all the way to its slogan, business cards and other print applications. "In the creative process it's always about finding the obvious, not the complex" he says. Juan told us that the three essential things to his creative process were: a notebook, lots of coffee and different postures with the same goal.

In coming up with the ampersand icon (&) as the company's slogan, Juan's aim was to create a tagline that embodies the company's intrinsic values of co-design and co-creation. A sign that represents the ever present collaboration that SYOU stands for.

An important thing that Juan kept in the back of his head while sketching was that the brand would be understood everywhere around the world. While taking a closer look to his sketchbook Diéz realized that the "&" sign was very present in his sketches (check out a page of his sketchbook in the image above). In Juan Diéz' own words when describing the result: ‘I was looking for an image that co-operates. An image that isn't trying to stand out; to the contrary, an image that integrates many of the factors that come along in the process of producing the SYOUs.' The "&" sign can not stand on its own, since on its own it's always unfinished. It needs a minimum of two entities, two people in order to exist, just like a collaboration. Another important thing for Juan Diez was that the tagline needed to be understood worldwide and in every language. It needed to represent inclusion and being part of something. As I mentioned before, Juan Diéz also designed SYOU's business cards and other print applications. One of these print applications is that ‘o' that forms a small peephole you can look through. Diéz explained that this represents seeing through some else's eyes, exploring, being curious and discovering. With a simple and clear logo Juan Diéz was able to express all that SYOU believes in! The strong element of co-creation and partnership is the core of our philosophy.

Colombia moda 2014 syou and colombia Colombia moda 2014 syou and colombia 2

NOTE: The name SYOU is an abbreviation for I See You, meaning: we are always looking for a different entity, person, country in order to make our revolutionary sneaker concept complete. :)

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