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Aug 19, 2015

Diego Chávarro

Diego chavarro

We recently had an interesting interview with Diego, in which he gave us detailed information about his life, his work, and his artistic vision.

Diego, our youngest creative talent is a self-taught photographer. Born and raised in Bogotá, he was confronted with loss and grief early on. This experience ignited a strong inclination towards nostalgia and made him a very sensitive person with an eye for beauty.

When I asked him when he first started taking photographs, he answered that it was in 2011 on his trip to New Zealand. What drew him in most was the storytelling aspect of photography. "Photographs", Diego says, "are like pages of a book, telling a story interpreted freely by the viewer".

His first encounter experience with conceptual photography was on a trip to New Zealand which he got as a present from his parents, He had the option to either travel around the country or spend the money buying a Nikon D7000. He went for the camera. And this marked a turning point in Diego's life. From this moment on, he started identifying with everything that had to do with capturing intriguing images with his lens.

Photography, however, is not our creative talent's only passion. He's currently studying architecture in Universidad Piloto in Bogotá. He keeps looking for ways to combine the two arts, but for the time being, they seem to be two completely separate worlds: architecture is how he experiences space, and photography is how he transmits emotion. He experiences photography as a more emotional, nostalgic competency.

His work with SYOU
Diego was in charge of the Colombian campaign launching the CO.5 Toucan & Flowers. He presented a proposal called "Roots", composed of five people - five different complexities- all painted in white from the waste up, representing the canvas that we are, and how life paints us throughout our lives. However, the legs are left unpainted, representing our roots, our origin. Symbolically, it is precisely this part of the body that's wearing the SYOUs.

Below you can find Diego’s beautiful and inspiring artist statement for the campaign. Beneath his proposal you can take a look at Diego’s photographs that illustrate his ideas.

"Men and women are like blank canvases where life paints new horizons and ideals, canvases painted with sadness and joy; motivated by their ambitions and desires.

Each canvas is different, but all of them have something in common: its roots, roots that tie them down to earth.

SYOU's campaign is based on the analogy of roots. It is composed of five Colombians with different colored skins and backgrounds. They have been painted white like the blank canvases that represent their lives, but their legs have been left untouched. Just like trees are rooted at their base, their legs symbolize their same roots.

The different landscapes for the campaign have been chosen because they portray the richness of Colombia as a country full of beauty and diversity. We go from the coffee crops of Jardín, Antioquia, to the mountain peaks of Cáqueza, Cundinamarca to create the perfect scenarios for these photographs in which these Colombians have been framed along with their SYOUs to show the country`s identity, color and flavor; that Colombian root."

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