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Jun 09, 2015

Hello, Amsterdam!

On Thursday June 4th the Netherlands was introduced to SYOU for the very first time.

We hosted the event in the beautiful location of Denim City, Amsterdam's denim innovation campus of the future. For the occasion, Denim City transformed into a tropical, festive and atmospheric 'SYOU' setting.

Thanks to KLM, our manager in Colombia Xandra Uribe, and creative talent José Argotty flew all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to join us on this special night. We were thrilled to have our guests of honor with us for our first international launch!

Xandra uribe jose argotty

The overall ambience was fun, dynamic, relaxed yet exciting. The Colombian influences were everywhere; the cocktails, the food, the music and obviously, our SYOU's!

Syou launch event room

Together with the guys from Spraakwater we created two delicious cocktails with a Colombian twist. The 'uSYOUva' and 'Don't SYOU get drunk'. Our guests couldn't get enough of our exquisite cocktails! The key ingredient to these special cocktails was the unique Colombian fruit Uchuva. Check out pictures below to see what this exotic fruit looks like!

Dont syou get drunk cocktail Usyouva cocktail

Tasty Colombian bites were offered by the beautiful models that walked around the space, dressed in SYOU fabric from head to toe.

Tropical fruits dress Colombian empanadas

For the first part of the evening we enjoyed eclectic Colombian beats and sounds that filled every corner of the venue.

Ecletic colombian beats

Afterwards, the crew of Mooie Jongens (translation: Beautiful Boys) provided us with music for the rest of the evening. The Mooie Jongens were also responsible for the 'Experience Room' and the result absolutely lived up to its name.

Syou experience room

Halfway through the event, founder Merijn ten Thije and manager Xandra Uribe gave a brief presentation of the brand, introducing themselves to the Amsterdam public. They also showed a short video of the 'Creative Talent Conference' hosted in Medellín in 2014 to give the audience a taste of SYOU& Colombia.

Xandra uribe talks about syou Syou amsterdam launch event

All in all the launch was a great success and an amazing way to kickoff our journey in Amsterdam! Since all of us at SYOU are huge coffee lovers (our collaboration with Pergamino and our Coffee Bean Printed sneaker!), what better way to introduce ourselves to Amsterdam than through espresso bars? We are very proud and excited to walk in Amsterdam and to celebrate we are hosting a Coffee Route in Amsterdam. The Coffee Route is a series of pop-up coffee stores in Amsterdam that will feature our shoes for the coming weeks! Last weekend we had the pleasure to be at the Koffie Salon in Utrechtsestraat. Next weekend (June 12th, 13th, 14th) you can find us at Head First Coffee Roasters, Westerstraat 150. Stay tuned to read about our next locations!

Walk with us, now also on the streets of Amsterdam!


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