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Aug 26, 2015

SYOU& Música

Juliana's Top 3 favorite songs for August

This month: Carlos Vives, Bomba Estéreo and Monsieur Periné!

All three of them are from Colombian soil, and proud of it!

3. Monsieur Perine - Mi Libertad

It's not the first time Monsieur Periné makes an appearance in our monthly top three, specially since they JUST released their second album! We recently had an interesting and fun encounter with Monsieur Periné in Amsterdam (more information about that soon!) as they were touring around Europe promoting their newest album 'Caja de Música' ('Music Box').

The album is a small treasure, with beautiful illustrations for each song transporting you to a magical world. It's extremely well thought of and clearly made with lots of love and care. One of the most beautiful songs of the album is definitely 'Mi Libertad' (My Freedom). This song is about the strong urge of the human being to be free, to sing and to survive.

'Para no morir,
Para no olvidar,
Que dolor existe y con amor lo voy a curar
Yo soy una aventurera,
Una madrugada en soledad,
Soy una guitarra abrazando el viento
Una cordillera cerca del mar
Por mis venas corre fuego,
Mis ojos brillan en la oscuridad,
Y mi voz hambrienta no tiene miedo
De cantar por siempre mi libertad.'

'So I don't die
So I don't forget
That pain is real and with love I will heal it

I am an adventurer
A dawn in solitude
I am a guitar that embraces the wind
A mountain range close to the see
Fire runs through my veins,
My eyes light up in the dark,
My hungry voice has no fear,
to forever sing my freedom'

2. Bomba Estéreo - Somos Dos

Like Monsieur Periné, Bomba Estéreo just released a new album! 'Somos Dos' was released in July and is an extremely catchy song from the new album 'Amanecer' ('Breaking dawn'). Bomba Estéreo is often referred to as electro-cumbia and this song is no exception. This late-summer video will make you wish summer would never end, showing a beautiful beachy, warm and romantic scenery. The front-lady of Bomba Estéreo, Li Saumet, specifically wanted to shoot the video in Santa Marta, a magical city in Northern Colombia.

They shot the video in the beaches of the Parque Tayrona, an incredibly beautiful natural park of 12,000 hectares in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

"I wanted the video to be shot in Santa Marta. We had the possibility to shoot in Miami, but it wouldn't have been the same. Also, this song was born in Tayrona" says Li Saumet. The video was directed by Michael Abt.

A fun fact about the video! The male character Li Saumet gets cozy with in the video is not just an actor, it's actually her fiancé! In this video she's wearing a bikini from her own clothing line, Banana Girl. Enough reasons to watch and listen to this video over and over again...

1. La tierra del olvido - Carlos Vives

The number one of this month! Carlos Vives... Where to start! This guy has been around for quite some time, and he is considered one of Colombia's national treasures.

I personally have a lot (a LOT!) of love for this particular artist since he marked my entire childhood and filled it with songs of beautiful stories and of his birthplace, Santa Marta. I'm pretty sure that this goes for many other Colombians, and Vives' music has served as a soundtrack to a great part of their (younger) lives. However, Carlos Vives is far from being a blast from the past. No. He recently re-recorded one of his classics, 'La Tierra del Olvido' ('The Land of Forgetfulness'). The original recording and video of this beautiful song was in 1995. That's right, ten years ago! The original video showed beautiful images of Colombia, and a very young Carlos Vives. 'La Tierra delOlvido' was a great success. It's not the first time this song is re-recorded. In 2012 many musicians from Colombia joined forces to 'Play for Change', remembering the painful war Colombia has struggled with for over 50 years.

This new version was made exclusively for Expo Milan 2015 (, an international exhibition showcasing the technology of more than 140 participating countries. Not just technology, but technology that "is able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient flood for everyone, while respecting the planet and its equilibrium". Quite a big deal and exactly in the lines of SYOU's philosophy... In this new and exciting version Carlos Vives teams up with some of Colombia's greatest artists of this moment; Maluma, Fanny Lu, Fonseca, el Cholo Valderrama, Herencia de Timbiquí, Andrea Echeverry, and Coral. Carlos Vives was assisted by ProColombia, one of our important partners, to record and direct this video in Santa Marta. This fantastic new video had over three million views in less than three days. They shot the video in eight different locations of Colombia, paying a tribute to the country's diversity, richness and beauty. Many elements of Colombian landscapes are showed, such as flora and fauna, climate but most importantly the people. Don't miss this amazing video! Stay tuned for next month's top three!

'Como la luna que alumbra
por la noche los caminos
como las hojas al viento
como el sol espanta al frío
como la tierra a la lluvia
como el mar espera al río
así espero tu regreso
a la tierra del olvido'

'Like the moon that lights up
the roads at night
like the leaves in the wind
like the sun scares away the cold
like land to the rain
like the sea awaits the river
I wait for you return,
to the land of forgetfulness'


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