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Jun 03, 2015

Our quest for local talents

In December 2013 SYOU went on a quest for local talents in Colombia. A short video was created calling out to all the local artists, rebels, dreamers, creative minds, and those who want to challenge the status quo with their creativity and walk with SYOU. To participate candidates were asked to, in their own creative way, answer the following question: What does Colombia represent to you? We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to be part of our journey to revolutionise the way the world perceives sneakers and the countries that inspire us.

We got an incredibly positive response and we received over 8000 portfolio's to choose from!

Ultimately we made a selection of 29 candidates to be part of our Creative Talent Conference in Medellín. The 2 day conference consisted of visiting three fascinating locations, attending conferences by 8 inspirational speakers and 8 hours of co-creating. The conference turned out to be an incredible experience for all of the participants.To see more of the conference check out our video.

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Out of the 29 candidates, we selected 5 winners that have been walking with SYOU ever since. We are very proud to present them to you!

José Argotty is an industrial designer from Pasto, Colombia. For the past 8 years he has had a lot of experience with craftwork and collaborating with indigenous cultures of Colombia. According to José this has been one of the most gratifying experiences of his life. That incredible experience manifests itself in his work, that is clearly influenced by the indigenous customs, motives and patterns. José's aim is to create work that goes back to the origin and has many stories to tell.

During the conference José got inspired by the various locations they visited. He wanted to create a concept in which he could capture the essence of the true Colombia. He wanted to include the various colours, the popular culture and the vibe of everyday life. José's wish was to visually express what Colombia represents. One of the things that inspired him was the chiva, a very typical vehicle used in Colombia to transport fruits and vegetables. He developed this concept in 4 hours. The result: A powerful, colourful and visually rich creation.

Colombia overview

Juanita has always been fascinated by poetry and books. During the conference she wrote the poem 'Mi sueño vive debajo de tus párpados' (My dream lives under your eyelids) which symbolises all the hopes and dreams that live under the blanket that is Colombia. My dream lives under your eyelids represents the transition between sleep and awake, where each new day is a new opportunity to reconstruct your dream. The inspirational text she wrote is a recompilation of what she experienced during the conference. She decided to ask people around her what they believed needed to be rescued and preserved of the Colombian culture.

Syou talent juanita olivera

She searched for words that would describe Colombia, and ultimately she stumbled upon two timeless ones: freedom and love. She describes her text as 'free writing', and her objective was to evoke a sentiment of what Juanita experienced while getting to know her country and its people during the conference.

You can find part of the poem in your SYOU's, both in English and in Spanish.

'I have evidence of your apparitions,
Remember rhythms
Shades of sunset, wind breezes,
In which my pace
Forges your presence'

For Santiago Oliveros drawing isn't a choice. It's a necessity and it has always been by his side.

For the conference he was asked to illustrate how he wanted to show Colombia to the world.

Santiago wanted to show a different side of Colombia, not the traditional one we are used to seeing. Like the other artists mentioned above, Santiago wanted to show an authentic and genuine face of Colombia. Today's Colombia. Right now the country has an urge to transform, to change, to evolve. Santiago believes that his generation is characterised by that urge. With that in mind he presented his proposal “Muchachos” (translation: Guys). Muchachos is a word that is typically used when talking about young people. Santiago has a lot of faith in his generation and his creations are a tribute to that. He also did a theme called 'Heroes', in which he illustrated children's faces, because according to Santiago “they are the ones that are going to turn this thing around, and transform realities.”

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The main goal of the 21 year old Diego Chavarro is to tell stories through his lens. The young photographer's greatest ambition is to transform realities with his photographs. Diego believes that SYOU is an amazing platform to tell the story of Colombia, which is a beautiful one. Inspired by the Colombian people Diego wants to takes photographs that represent the ordinary Colombian. The everyday life. In Diego's own words: “I want to capture the real Colombian, not some model. The people that struggle, the real people that form our identity. Colombia has a lot to tell. a lot to show, and it deserves to be heard and seen. SYOU is a great vehicle to get Colombia's story across the world”

Aeroesferas is a collective of three different competencies; Music production, graphic design and photography/film. The three of them traveled from La guajira to Cartagena and created this fantastic video, in which they managed to perfectly capture the ambience and flavour of the north coast of Colombia. Aeroesferas describe themselves as artistic, sonorous, full of flavours and colours. Check out their video and get transported to Cartagena and La Guajira. Enjoy!

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